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At RTR Kennels nutrition is of the outmost importance for growth and development. We have sourced a local high quality diet to provide our dogs with the proper nutritional value to allow our dogs live a natural heathly lifestyle.


Our dogs have benefited significantly from having a 100% Canadian Made and Ontario sourced diet. Their raw diet is hormone and antibiotic free using only CFIA Human Grade meats. No preservatives, fillers or additives. Our dogs have experienced:


  • Less Poo

  • Less Shedding

  • Less Drooling

  • No Dog Odor 

  • Healthier Coat & Skin

  • Cleaner Teeth & Gums 

  • Allergies and Food Sensitive Reduced


The transition pays dividends in your dogs health immediately. Knowing the right type of fuel we put in our dogs will only benefit our dogs in the original and intended way. Thanks to The Loyal Butcher Co. we always have top quality food and supplements to have healthy Cane Corsos.



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